NYS “Love Your Library Fund” Tax Check-off

love your library fund

In August 2017, Governor Cuomo signed A.1094 – A Galef / S.3021 – A Ritchie into law. Affectionately known as the “tax check-off bill”, this law amends NYS Tax Law to permit taxpayers to make contributions to the state “Love Your Library Fund” when completing their annual tax filings.

The “Love Your Library Fund” is used exclusively to support the NY Statewide Summer Reading Program.  Each year, the New York State Summer Reading Program, hosted by most public libraries including the Troy Public library, offers unparalleled literacy and enrichment opportunities to young learners. Generations of students have combatted summer learning loss through the program’s literacy-supportive arts and music programs, and returned to school in the Fall better prepared for the year ahead. Participation in the program has now exceeded 2 million students annually, and the New York State Library anticipates participation will soon exceed 2.5 million students. This new law will ensure that the program receives the additional resources needed to continue to thrive.