Facility Use

The Troy Public Library offers its meeting rooms, exhibit spaces, and equipment for use by individuals and groups so that information, programs, and displays about many subjects from many points of view will be available to the community. Because the library tries to sponsor programs and exhibits that will complement rather than compete with those of other local museums, agencies, community centers, and libraries, those groups are encouraged to use the Troy Public Library in coordination with their own personal events. The Board of Trustees does not necessarily endorse the beliefs, views or policies of individuals and community groups granted permission to use its facilities and equipment.

The Library Use Policy is consistent with other Troy Public Library policies and seeks to follow state and national library guidelines.

Neither the address nor the name of the Troy Public Library may be used as the official address or headquarters of an organization.

Special arrangements and exceptions to any of the regulations described in this policy may be made with the Executive Director’s permission.

General Eligibility

  • The Troy Public Library meeting rooms, exhibit spaces, and equipment may be used in the library by individuals and groups for educational, cultural, vocational, and recreational purposes.
  • The library may not be used for money-raising or profit-making activities. No admission fee may be charged, or donations solicited, at meetings or programs. Likewise, handouts and posters which promote commercial events, products, or services, private want-ads, and other personal notices may not be displayed. These restrictions do not apply to the Friends of the Library or to other groups raising funds for the library.
  • Individuals and groups from the Troy area will be given priority over individuals and groups from beyond that area.
  • No one under 18 years of age may apply for use. Groups with members under 18 must be represented by a sponsor of legal age who applies for use, and a sponsor of legal age must stay with the group while it is using the library.
  • All individuals and groups, no matter what their race, color, nationality, political party, religion, economic class, educational level, or sex have the same rights and responsibilities described in this policy.
  • It is not necessary to have a Troy Public Library card in order to apply for use, see an exhibit, or attend a program.
  • Persons who apply for use at the Main Library must read this policy and fill out an Application for Use form. Persons who apply for use at a branch of Troy Public Library must read and fill out this same document and return it to the branch librarian.

Political and Religious Groups

  • Partisan political groups may not use the library for meetings and programs unless specifically approved by the Executive Director. The library permits religious and non-partisan political groups to use the library for meetings and programs, but only according to these guidelines:

1. No religious group may use the meeting rooms at intervals so regular and frequent that the library becomes its primary meeting place.

2. The purpose of all handouts, posters, exhibits, programs and meetings open to the public must be to provide unbiased information to people who are left free to consider what they find, to ask questions, to disagree, to form their own opinions, and to make their own decisions. No handouts, posters, exhibits, programs, or meetings will be permitted in the library if their purpose is to present biased or distorted information, to recruit members, or to pressure people to adopt a set of beliefs or to pursue a course of action.

3. The library will strive to schedule its meeting rooms and exhibit spaces so that several groups representing different points of view will have a chance to use them on an equal basis. No one group will be allowed to reserve use so often or for so long that a different group also requesting use is denied the same opportunities.

Meetings, Programs, and Exhibits

  • Use of the library’s meeting rooms, exhibit spaces and exhibits will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. Use will not be scheduled more than 90 days in advance in order to allow community groups equal access to the facilities
  • Each applicant may not book meeting space more than twice per month unless specifically approved by the executive director. In addition, exhibitors are asked to restrict displays in the library to one month.
  • Meetings, programs, and exhibits sponsored by the library have first priority and the library reserves the right to preempt scheduled activities if the need arises.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the library in accordance with state law. Under most circumstances, eating and drinking in the library is prohibited. Groups whose programs include refreshments should review those plans with the adult programming librarian.
  • Publicity for library events and programs is produced and distributed by the library. Groups requesting assistance with publicity including press releases, radio announcements, posters and fliers should discuss their needs with the adult programming librarian.

Handouts and Posters

  • Handouts and posters for display at the Main Library must be submitted to the staff member at the Information Desk in the lobby. No posters or handouts may be distributed or displayed inside the library or on library premises without first being approved in accordance with this policy by a designated staff member.
  • Handouts and posters for the branches must be submitted to a staff member at the circulation desk of the branch. No posters or handouts may be distributed or displayed at the branches without first being approved in accordance with this policy by the branch librarian.
  • Because the library has limited space for handouts and posters, library handouts and posters, will receive first priority. In addition, the library will try to be fair when assigning space for different handouts and posters. The size, timeliness, and quality of handouts or posters submitted will be taken into consideration. The library is not responsible for guaranteeing that all handouts or posters submitted will be displayed or distributed. The library disposes of outdated handouts and posters, and is not responsible for returning original or extra copies to the sponsor.
  • Handouts and other literature that are distributed to the people attending a private meeting at the library need not be seen by any library staff member. For meetings and programs open to the public, however, handouts or other literature to be distributed must be submitted with the Facility Use Application Form to the adult programming librarian or branch librarian for approval in accordance with this policy.
  • Posters and other announcements for the Main Library outside cases must be submitted to and approved by the adult programming librarian.

Equipment and Furniture

  • The equipment owned by the Troy Public Library may be used only in the library or its branches, unless authorized by the Executive Director. A person applying for use of equipment may be asked to demonstrate his/her ability to use it.
  • The applicant is liable for all damages to and losses of library property and equipment occurring during scheduled use of the facility or equipment. The library is not liable for damages to or loss of property belonging to persons sponsoring a program or exhibit, or to persons attending a program or exhibit.
  • The library will set up and take down any furniture or equipment provided by the library. The individual or group applying for use is responsible for setting up and taking down any furniture or equipment not provided by the library. The library will not store any equipment, furniture, or supplies for an applicant.

Approved by the Board of Trustees
For more information or to request an Facility Use Application, please call the Troy Public Library at 518.274.7071. Ask for the Adult Programming Librarian.