2019 Library Budget Vote and Board of Trustees Election


2019 Library Budget Vote and Board of Trustees Election

Vote Information:

Budget Information:

The 2019 budget includes a 3.99% increase to the library tax levy, which is estimated to add $3.00 to the tax bill of the average residential property in the city.The 2019 revenue has increased due to the inclusion of a first-time budgeted amount for special services, which includes the CDTA
bus pass program and income from fax cards for patron use. However, this income is offset by the expenses of these services.

On the expense side, we have increased most lines in the regular book budget by approximately 5%. In order to respond to a significant increase in demand for electronic books and magazines, we have increased the ebook line by 30%. We have decreased the facilities portion of the budget to reflect savings in utilities due to an agreement with American Power and Gas, along with conversion of most of the lighting at the Main Library from T12 fluorescent bulbs to LED fixtures, a conversion made possible with funds from a New York State Public Library Construction Grant.

The salary and benefits section of the budget has been increased by 4.94% to account for a 5.1% increase in health insurance, for which the library pays 50% of an employee’s premium, and a 5.18% increase in salaries. Our salaries have fallen behind area libraries by as much as 25%, resulting in significant staff turnover at the Troy Public Library over the past few years. The increase to the salary line reflects a revised salary schedule which will begin to address this issue.

Thank you for your continued support of the Troy Public Library. See you on Tuesday,
September 25th.