Facility Use/Public Meeting Room Policy

The Troy Public Library maintains meeting room and program space for use without charge to organized non-profit associations, tax-supported institutions, government entities, and groups whose purposes are limited to civic, cultural, or educational objectives. All events must be free and open to the public.

The use of the library’s meeting room facilities does not constitute an endorsement by the library of a group or organization’s positions or beliefs. The Executive Director of the library and the Board of Trustees reserve the right to approve or disapprove use of the meeting rooms.

Policy Guidelines

  1. Library-sponsored meetings and programs always have priority. The library reserves the right to cancel a reservation at any time in the unlikely event of a conflict with a library-sponsored program. Meeting room space for non-library-sponsored use is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Individuals and groups from the Troy area will be given priority.
  2. Meeting rooms and program space may not be used for commercial and/or for-profit purposes, including investment seminars, sales/service demonstrations, programs by private for-profit healthcare representatives, etc. Political meetings are acceptable, but may not be used for campaign purposes, party caucuses, or meetings closed to the public.
  3. Programs may not disrupt the use of the library by others. All persons using the meeting rooms are subject to the library’s rules and regulations. Those who do not abide by library rules and regulations may lose future meeting room privileges.
  4. Meeting rooms are available when the library is open. Set-up may not begin before the library’s normal operating hours. All meetings must end 30 minutes prior to the library closing to ensure adequate time to exit the building.
  5. To ensure equitable access, no group may reserve meeting room space more than three (3) months in advance. Groups may not book space more than twice per month unless specifically approved by the Executive Director.
  6. Audiovisual equipment is available for use during programs booked in advance and must be requested at the time the space is reserved. The library does not provide operators for the equipment. Limited assistance may be provided by staff.
  7. With the exception of audiovisual equipment, library staff will not set up, move or rearrange any equipment or furniture before, during, or after a program/meeting. Rooms must be left litter-free and in the condition they were found at the beginning of the program.
  8. Groups are liable for any loss or damage to library equipment, furniture, or other library property.
  9. The library will not provide storage space and assumes no responsibility for equipment or personal articles brought into the meeting rooms.
  10. Room use must be reserved by an adult (18 years of age or older). Groups of children or teens must be supervised by one (1) adult for every ten minors.
  11. Smoking, alcohol, incense, or open flames are not allowed on library premises. Permission may be granted to serve light refreshments.
  12. The library reserves the right to review all material distributed at meetings and to approve any signage to be displayed on library property.
  13. Except as a designation of meeting location, neither the address nor name of the library may be used as the official address or headquarters of an organization.
  14. Library sponsored or co-sponsored events may be exempt from some of the above guidelines at the discretion of the Executive Director and the Board of Trustees.

*Approved by the Troy Public Library Board of Trustees July 10, 2018

Small Meeting Room Policy

The downtown location of the Troy Public Library has one smaller room that can be used by small groups for quiet study or small meetings.

The policies for the library’s public meeting rooms apply to the study room as well. In addition:

  1. When not otherwise scheduled, the room may be available for use during regular library hours on a walk-in basis.
  2. The reserving party is responsible for leaving the room in the same condition as it was when they arrived.
  3. If others are waiting to use the room, room use will be restricted to two (2) hour time slots.

*Approved by the Troy Public Library Board of Trustees July 10, 2018

For more information or to request a Facility Use Application, please call the Troy Public Library at 518.274.7071. Ask for the Adult Programming Librarian.